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Number one US docking station brand* Hyper brings its award winning Apple-centric connectivity and power solutions to IFA 2022

September 01, 22
Number one US docking station brand* Hyper brings its award winning Apple-centric connectivity and power solutions to IFA 2022
  • Dual 4K HDMI 10-in-1 USB-C Hub powerhouse extends M1 and M2 MacBook connectivity with 10 essential ports and 2 display expansion
  • The incredibly high spec Thunderbolt 4 Dock is designed for businesses, PC gamers and video editors looking for an advanced connectivity solution with 40Gbps data transfers, 2.5. Gigabit Ethernet connection, and 8K 60Hz resolution
  • HyperDrive GEN2 15 Port USB-C Dock is an extremely versatile enterprise-level connectivity solution that features driverless plug and play triple extended display support for Multi-Stream Transport-enabled devices


IFA, Berlin – 2 September, 2022 – Hyper, the number one docking station brand in the USA, is back at IFA for its biggest show yet with more products and more experts than ever before. Hyper is bringing to Europe its most premium, Apple-centric connectivity and power solutions that enable all creatives, IT professionals and business professionals to make the most out of any workstation set-up.

Hyperdrive your M1 and M2 MacBook®

Following Apple’s launch of the M2 MacBook Pro® and MacBook Air® earlier this year, the ability to extend M2 connectivity has become an increasingly important need. The compact Dual 4K HDMI 10-in-1 USB-C Hub for M1/ M2 MacBooks is a plug and play solution that will seamlessly transform any MacBook into a powerhouse workstation, able to tackle anything that is thrown its way. It can extend to 2 displays with crystal clear 4K video, whilst providing access to 10 essential ports, including HDMI, Ethernet, USB-C and USB-A.

Equipped with UHS-I MicroSD/SD slots, users can quickly transfer photos and videos at a lightning fast 104MB/s, and thanks to USB-C 100 W Power Delivery pass-through, users can quickly charge their MacBook at the same time, when using the latest Hyper HJG140WW 140 W charger equipped with GaN technology. This easy-to-use docking station gives users more flexibility and enhancing their productivity'.

Electrifying performance for businesses, PC gamers and video editors

Hyper’s Thunderbolt 4 Dock is one of the most powerful and advanced external docks available on the market, delivering maximum bandwidth and incredible display resolutions. It comes in a slick, compact design that won’t clog up users' desk space and will seamlessly fit into any workstation. It comes fully equipped with two TB4 downstream ports that provide 40 Gbps data transfers and 32G PCle transfers, meaning users can move data to and from external storage in lightning speeds, and up to five Thunderbolt devices can be connected for flexible device configurations - all powered by one port. What’s more is with one upstream port that provides guaranteed 96 W of power to host device, satisfying the most demanding power requirements The powerful and versatile solution gives users the flexibility to tailor their desk set-up to whatever they need.

Perfect for content creators or video editors who want the highest quality when using large high resolution monitors or to easily examine finer details. For maximum productivity, the Thunderbolt 4 Dock supports up to dual 6K 60 Hz displays, or when connected to single monitor, users can enjoy beautiful 8K 60 Hz resolution for lifelike images or 4K 144 Hz resolution to ensure faster rendering with less. With a 2.5 Gbps ethernet connection, users will benefit from ultra-fast file transfers from NAS devices and gamers will never have to face losing another match due to low bandwidth. The Thunderbolt 4 Dock can capture and listen to the biggest bangs or the smallest sounds to maximise a gaming headset, thanks to its premium audio performance (up to 384 Kz and 32 bit).

Level up your professional working set up

The Hyper GEN2 15-in-1 USB-C Docking Station is the ideal piece of kit for any professional looking to maximise their PC or Chromebook™. This powerful and minimalist USB-C Dock delivers an incredibly versatile connectivity solution, easily connecting up to 3 external displays with the flexibility of 2 HDMI and 2 DP ports, for Multi-Stream Transport-enabled devices. With triple extended display support, users never have to compromise when creating their perfect professional workstation. And with driverless plug-and-play capability, users will enjoy easy installation and deployment.

With an incredibly fast 2nd generation USB-A 3.2 10 Gbps and USB-C 3.2 10 Gbps and guaranteed 100 W power delivery via USB-C, users can enjoy faster transfer speeds and quicker charge times for high-capacity laptops. For those who want to capture and listen to the best sound quality, the GEN2 15-in-1 USB-C Docking Station has a digital coaxial and optical fiber Toslink input and output to make this possible.

Get creative with up to 3 displays at 4K

Designed with creatives, video editors, or working professionals in mind, the 4K Multi-Display Docking Station for 13 - 16-inch MacBooks provides maximum connectivity by allowing driverless support up to triple 4K 60 Hz display. It boasts 15 essential ports for maximum peripheral expansion and the flexibility for users to create the ultimate bespoke workstation.

Constructed from precision-milled aluminium, the ergonomic design fits seamlessly underneath any 13 - 16-inch MacBook chassis, dissipating heat and decreasing desk clutter to create the ultimate user experience. Unlike most of Hyper’s competitors, the 4K Multi-Display Docking Station has 3 HDMI or 3 DisplayPorts providing maximum flexibility and the option for users to create any set-up they wish.

Daniel Chin, President of Hyper says, “IFA is one of the biggest events in the calendar and with last year's physical event cancelled, we have gone all out to make this our biggest show ever. We will be displaying our full range of award-winning technology that offers something for everyone, from creatives and working professionals to gamers and video editors. We pride ourselves on designing premium connectivity and power solutions that enable people to worry less and connect more.”


Pricing and availability 

Dual 4K HDMI 10-in-1 USB-C Hub For M1/M2 MacBooks: £189.99 / €199.99

Thunderbolt™ 4 Dock: £509.99 /  €579.99

GEN2 15-in-1 USB-C Docking Station: £439.99 / €499.99

4K Multi-Display Docking Station For 13”-16” MacBooks: £279.99 / €329.99


*The NPD Group/Retail Tracking

Service, U.S., Annual 2021.


To visit Hyper, please head to Hall 7.2b, stand number 102

Hyper spokespeople Daniel Chin, Barry Miller and Fred Ghaderpanah will be present and available for interview opportunities on request.    

High-res images are available on request.  


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