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Accessories to Expand Your Potential

At Targus, we aim to provide products that add functionality to your everyday life. Our bags and cases supply a carry-all for the safe transport of your devices, but our unique accessories allow you to expand your tech potential. With our innovative solutions, you can seamlessly integrate your devices into every part of your world. Add form, function and style to your personal tech with our laptop accessories.

Targus Computer Accessories

Affordable Security
Stolen laptops present a security problem. Without the right security measures, your personal information could easily fall into the wrong hands. Protect your private data with a secure cable lock from Targus. It’s guaranteed protection at an affordable price.

Cool Comfort
Long days at the office can take their toll on your laptop. Thankfully, cooling pads are just one of our many computer accessories. Not only do they keep your laptop cool, but some models also feature adjustable designs to use your laptop in the most comfortable position for you.

Private Protection
If you’re working in an open office environment, it’s hard to protect yourself from curious eyes. With a privacy screen from Targus, you can ensure that the information on your computer stays private. With these multi-purpose computer accessories, you can shield your screen from prying eyes and guard your display against potential damage.

Functional Operation
Targus tablet accessories allows you to use your mobile device with ease at any time. Styluses increase the function of your tablet by providing improved accuracy and greater functionality. Media stands prop your iPad up for easy viewing in any location. Get the most out of your mobile devices by shopping our innovative accessories at Targus.


Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

What Is a Laptop Accessory?

A laptop accessory is any item that increases a laptop's functionality, appearance, or performance. Laptop computer accessories can serve many purposes, such as providing increased connectivity, enhanced comfort, and improved functionality. Targus also offers laptop backpacks, cases, and bags to easily store your accessories.

What Computer Accessories Does Targus Offer?

Targus offers a wide range of computer accessories backed by a limited-lifetime warranty. We offer adapters, cables, cable locks, cooling pads, docking stations, headphones, presenters, stylus, webcams, and much more.

Is a Keyboard an Accessory?

Yes, a keyboard is an essential laptop accessory. Most laptops have built-in keyboards. You can connect other keyboards to a laptop if you prefer a different option. Targus also offers wireless keyboards that connect to tablets. We also offer folding ergonomic keyboards for superior comfort and easy storage. Plus, many of our keyboards feature DefenseGuard Antimicrobial Protection to keep your devices germ-free.

What Are Essential Laptop Accessories?

A few required laptop accessories include a mouse, keyboard, and charging cable. Beyond that, you have many beneficial accessories to choose from. Adapters and cables ensure you can connect mice, keyboards, controllers, and similar devices. Ergonomic keyboards let you work or unwind in comfort.