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Sustainability Roadmap


How we're continuing to move sustainability to the forefront of our business


A Vision for 2030

By establishing a Sustainability Roadmap to 2030, we all must understand and deliver upon the company’s goals and hold everyone accountable.
This includes the leadership team, product designers, developers, and the global contract suppliers who manufacture our products.
This is not an easy feat and the path is not always clear as sustainability can take many roads and many decisions along the way.

Mutual Accountability

A Sustainability Roadmap ensures that we strive daily to do what’s right for our company, people, and the planet. We continue to do this by establishing annual goals, monitoring our progress, creating a sustainability committees, and sharing our best practices with transparency and mutual accountability throughout the organization.


As we evolve into a purpose-driven company, Targus continues to take the necessary steps to move sustainability to the forefront of how we conduct business throughout the world.

The 2024 Sustainability Report

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