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Laptop Bags

At Targus, we meet the versatile and sophisticated needs of the modern professional through our wide range of laptop bags and other accessories. Whether it is backpacks that fit a 16-inch Macbook Pro or companions to safeguard your tech arsenal while effortlessly complementing your style, we are your go-to solution for 16-inch laptop bags and accessories.

Our Laptop Bag Collection

We have a collection of bags optimised to meet various needs depending on the user. This collection includes:

  • City Gear: This collection is suitable for today's average commuter.
  • Coastline Ecosmart: Made primarily from OceanCycle-certified ocean-bound plastic and other recycled materials.
  • Cypress With Ecosmart: Made from recycled plastic bottles while ensuring ergonomic comfort and flexible working features.
  • Geolite: This collection's 16-inch laptop bags ensure maximum property protection without sacrificing comfort and affordability.
  • Mobile Elite: This is for you to work and travel in luxury while still getting top-notch protection.

Other Laptop Accessories

We don’t just offer backpacks that fit 16-inch MacBook Pros. We also offer a wide range of other accessories, such as laptop sleeves and cases, tablet cases, docking stations, privacy screens, laptop stands, and various connectivity solutions like cables and adapters. We focus on providing reliable protection, ergonomic support, and convenient connectivity options for various electronic devices, catering to the needs of our customers.

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Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

Are 16-inch laptop bags suitable for other devices like tablets or notebooks?

Yes, our laptop bags come with additional compartments and pockets designed to hold tablets, notebooks, and other electronic devices securely.

Are 16’’ laptop bags suitable for travel?

Yes, these bags are designed with travel in mind, featuring travel-friendly designs, luggage pass-throughs, and extra pockets for travel essentials.

What accessories are essential for a 16-inch laptop?

Some include a protective laptop sleeve or case, a reliable laptop bag for carrying it around, and possibly a cooling pad to prevent overheating during intensive use.

Are 16-inch laptop bags waterproof?

The bags are water-resistant but not fully waterproof. They’re designed to protect your devices during a rainy commute, so avoid letting the bag be submerged.