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On-Screen Data Protection

Explore our collection of privacy screen protectors for tablets, laptops, and monitors. We offer easy-to-install privacy screens that are built for specific brands as well as universal options. Each one is designed to protect your privacy while also keeping dust and fingerprints away. We even have models designed to filter blue light. Whether you are a commuter, student, business traveller, or anyone who needs the right privacy screen protector for their laptop, tablet, or monitor, we have the screen protector you need.

Why You Need Screen Protection

Suppose you care about protecting your privacy and sensitive information while using your device. In that case, these screen protectors have features like constrained viewing angles, blue light filters, anti-reflective coating, and more to ensure the privacy of the on-screen information. We also cater to a wide range of screen sizes ranging from 12 to 24 inches. Therefore, we will likely have a privacy screen protector for your monitor, tablet or laptop.

More From Targus

Targus does more than protect your onscreen data. We are committed to providing solutions for carrying, protecting, and connecting your technology devices. We aim to seamlessly integrate technology into users’ lives to improve productivity and functionality. Furthermore, our approach when designing products is driven by insight data, global outreach, responsible business practices and more to ensure that we can meet the needs of individuals and large enterprises alike.


Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

Can a privacy laptop screen protector affect screen clarity or resolution?

Our privacy screen protectors maintain screen clarity or resolution when viewed head-on. However, as part of our privacy design, they may reduce brightness or alter colours slightly when viewed from an angle.

How do I choose the right privacy screen protector for my device?

Measure the dimensions of your screen diagonally, then select a privacy screen protector that matches those dimensions and aspect ratio for a proper fit.

Will a privacy screen protector affect touch-screen functionality?

No, the screen protectors we make do not affect the touchscreen functionality of your device. However, we can’t say the same for other brands since some lower-quality protectors interfere with touchscreen sensitivity or introduce unwanted glare.