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Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

What Is the Best Type of Computer Keyboard?

Targus offers many high-quality and antimicrobial keyboards designed to suit anyone’s needs. We have wired, wireless, full-size, compact, and ergonomic computer keyboards. Targus also makes award-winning keyboards that harvest energy in ambient and artificial lighting. Our computer keyboards and mice can suit both Windows and Apple devices for ultimate compatibility.

What Is the Difference between a Standard and an Ergonomic Keyboard?

Unlike standard keyboards, ergonomic keyboards typically feature keys at a split angle designed to prevent wrist and hand strain. Ergonomic keyboards provide comfort whether you spend long hours writing, gaming, or taking part in other keyboard-intensive activities.

What Are Some Common Types of Computer Mice?

As with keyboards, there are also many types of computer mice. Targus offers a selection of antimicrobial mice featuring scroll wheels, thumbwheels, additional buttons, and high-quality Blue Trace sensors. We also offer wired and wireless computer mice to suit your preferences.

What Is the Relationship between a Keyboard and a Mouse?

A computer keyboard and mouse work together to let you use your digital devices. You use a keyboard to input characters. A computer mouse controls a pointer and lets you click on icons and buttons displayed on your screen.