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CityGear Collection

A few decades ago, a laptop may have been an afterthought or a luxury accessory for you. Nowadays, it’s your life. At Targus, we get it. That’s why we offer a number of commuter laptop bags that are perfect for students or business people with a daily commute. If you’re looking for the best laptop backpack for travel, you can’t go wrong with the durable commuter laptop backpacks here in our CityGear Collection.

The CityGear Range

At Targus, we take pride in high-quality CityGear carrying bags for the laptop you rely on every day. Our collection includes cases, backpacks and laptop sleeves to suit the carry style that makes you comfortable. Walk with your laptop case alongside you for a professional appeal, or roll your laptop case around during airport visits. Each commuter laptop bag has its own unique features while maintaining a superior level of protection.

Why CityGear Backpacks?

CityGear backpacks are considered the best laptop backpacks for travel because they are compact and lightweight while securing your laptop effectively. A major benefit of our laptop backpacks is that they come with a Dome Protection System featuring shock-absorbing layers.

CityGear bags are also comfortable to hold with cushioned grab handles, or to wear as a commuter laptop backpack with ergonomic shoulder straps. Their shoulder straps can be detached and the handle retracts. This makes it possible for you to effortlessly convert your backpack to a briefcase as needed.

For laptop-only protection, our laptop sleeve is designed to be secure as a commuter laptop bag that will look sleek and professional for the workplace.

Explore CityGear Backpacks at Targus

There’s never been a better time to discover the travel solution that can keep your devices safe each time you commute. For those looking for the best commuter laptop backpack for travel, our CityGear collection will surely meet and exceed your expectations

Shop now at Targus to find the device protection you need. Take your daily travel to a whole new level today with a commuter laptop bag, accessories, tablet cases, and more today.