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The Cypress Ecosmart collection backpacks are eco-friendly and sustainable European backpacks made from recycled plastic bottles without compromising their ergonomic comfort and flexible working features. We design them with durability and practicality in mind, containing features like laptop sleeves and organisational pockets. They also come in a variety of styles to look good inside and out.

Why You Would Need a Cypress Backpack

The Cypress bags appeal to our environmentally conscious customers seeking sustainable options without compromising on quality, functionality and style. They are also ideal for companies promoting corporate social responsibility while maintaining their fashion statement and eco-consciousness.

Get an Eco-friendly Laptop Bag Today

From eco-friendly laptop backpacks for your daily commute to simple briefcases you can carry around, Targus has designs that are perfect for you. The Cypress Ecosmart collection will give you all.

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Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

What materials are used to make the Cypress eco-friendly laptop bag?

The Cypress eco-friendly bags are crafted using recycled materials like recycled plastic water bottles. These materials are chosen to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Can I use the Cypress bag anywhere in the world?

Yes. You can use these bags anywhere in the world. The European backpacks from Targus EU, for example, are ideal for Europe but can be used anywhere.

Are Cypress backpacks water-resistant?

While specific water-resistant features may vary depending on the model, many of our Cypress backpacks offer water-resistant or water-repellant properties to protect your belongings from light rain or moisture.

Can I recycle my Cypress eco-friendly laptop bag at the end of its life?

Yes, Targus encourages responsible disposal of these backpacks at the end of their lifespan. Since they are made from recycled materials, they can often be recycled again, closing the loop of sustainability. Always follow the guidance of local recycling facilities for proper disposal methods.

Do these bags come with a warranty?

Yes. Most of our backpacks have a limited warranty, providing coverage on defects in materials and workmanship. Check the specific warranty terms provided in the backpack description for details.