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Great Protection. Proper Fit

At Targus, we design protective laptop sleeves for durability, functionality, and style. The sleeves are made from quality materials like neoprene and polyester for shock absorption and water resistance. Their padded interiors, secure closures, and sleek profiles offer discreet yet reliable safeguarding without sacrificing portability. Certain models even have additional compartments for accessory storage.

Why Use a Targus Laptop Sleeve?

These protective laptop sleeves provide reliable defence against scratches and bumps while remaining slim and lightweight for easy transport. The sleeves also come in a variety of stylish designs for users seeking discreet yet effective laptop protection while maintaining a fashionable edge. Targus also offers products like backpacks and messenger bags, providing users with a complete solution for laptop transportation and protection.

Protect Your Laptop With Targus Sleeves

We know that our sleeves have endured numerous quality tests for us to consider them reliable and capable of protecting your laptop. You can rest calmly knowing that you are using one of the best protective sleeves for your laptop in the industry.

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Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

Are the laptop sleeves compatible with all laptop brands and models?

At Targus, our laptop sleeves come in various sizes to accommodate different laptop dimensions. This ensures compatibility with most brands and models. However, we recommend that you check the dimensions of the sleeve to verify that it will be a snug fit for your device.

Can I carry accessories like chargers and cables in my laptop sleeve?

While some of our offerings feature extra pockets or compartments for accessories, please first confirm the availability of such features on the sleeve you intend to buy.

Can I wash Targus laptop sleeves?

We generally advise against that as it may damage the materials or affect the protective properties of the sleeve. Instead, spot cleaning with a damp cloth and mild detergent can help maintain the sleeve’s cleanliness.

Do the laptop sleeves come with a warranty?

Our laptop sleeves go through testing and continuous improvement to offer you nothing but the finest quality. They have a limited lifetime warranty - one of the best in the industry! Always review the warranty terms and conditions provided before you buy.