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Connect without Complexity

Explore how our truly Universal Docking portfolio makes flexible working simple.

Empowering a seamless life

As office space gets more expensive and workforces more demanding, flexible working and hotdesking are become the norm. That's where Targus Universal Docking comes in.

Laptops and other mobile devices are making it easier to transition between working inside and outside the office. Deploying the right accessories is crucial to ensuring that this doesn’t come at the expense of business continuity and productivity. Targus gives you genuinely brand agnostic universal docking connectivity for all devices, USB-A and -C compatible with integrated power too. It all enables a quick set and switching between spaces and truly seamless working experiences.

Universal docking is a real productivity driver

According to recent research by IDC*, 95% of organisations say that better technology and accessories would improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

*IDC Executive Brief ‘The right tools for the job’ Sponsored by Targus.

Connect any device. Anywhere. Without complexity.
All you need is Targus Universal Docking.

Flexible workers:

Those working both inside and outside of the office benefit from effortless compatibility between their tech and accessories, empowering a seamless life. 

Home workers:

This growing sector of the workforce can improve productivity with faster connectivity, lasting power and easy compatibility.

Frequent travellers:

Make their working lives easier with the ability to connect up any device, wherever they are working.

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Why Choose Targus

We are leading the way with extraordinary innovation and choice. Take your pick from a range of high spec, patented universal docking stations, including USB-A, USB-C, Thunderbolt'" 3, Travel and Quad-Monitors - with integrated power. Targus gives you truly universal solutions, unlike many own branded products: tested and proven to work with PC and Mac® platforms, as well as with Chrome'", Android'" and Linux® operating systems. All this, supported by our rapid first response promise within 4 hours, so any issues are resolved fast. A 3-year warranty means that even if a device lease runs out, your docks will still be supported, so workforces stay productive. 

For desk connectivity

It's hard to beat the DOCK190 for USB-C and USB-A devices+ universal power.

For meeting space connectivity

Simply connect to projectors and screens with the brilliant DOCK412 for USB-C devices and ACA928EU for USB-A devices.

Maximum view enterprise productivity

Boost productivity and performance with the world’s first enterprise-class universal docking station to deliver four 4K extended displays with the DOCK570.

Dual high definition video performance

Create a more powerful, productive workstation with DOCK430,  the Targus USB-C DisplayPort™ Alt. Mode Docking Station with 85W Power.

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