The Best Laptop Bags for Students | Start the School Year Off Right

The Best Laptop Bags for Students | Start the School Year Off Right

It wasn’t so long ago that all school bags looked pretty much the same: a thin, neutral-coloured backpack with a few zippers and one to two compartments. That dynamic may have worked in the days of disco, but today’s school and college students demand more. It’s no longer simply about carrying books. Students have valuable electronics and gadgets to store, and so much more is required from their school bags. With that in mind, here’s our breakdown of the best laptop bags for students.

Geolite Essential

The Geolite® Essential Backpack

Weighing a meager 0.53kg and boasting a simple, streamlined design, the Geolite Essential Backpack is both modern and spacious, perfect for the 21st-century student.

While past generations of students still suffer from the pain caused by heavy, poorly designed backpacks, today’s students can enjoy an ergonomically constructed bag with a padded back panel and padded shoulder straps for maximum comfort.

The backpack is made from weather-resistant materials, so it can protect a student’s bag in all climate conditions. The front-zippered pocket allows easy access to the laptop and other gadgets, and the suspended laptop compartment provides maximum protection in the event of drops. In addition, there’s plenty of room available for other essentials like phones, tablets and school supplies. This backpack even comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Campus 15-16" Backpack

While we’re on the subject of backpacks, the Campus 15-16" Backpack is hands-down one of the best laptop bags for students. The padded laptop compartment provides protection from all angles, and the massive zippered compartment has mesh protection for other devices and accessories.

The air mesh back padding helps to reduce back strain during long hikes across campus, and the neoprene comfort grip handle and adjustable fasteners enhance the comfort even more.

Made from durable polyester materials, this backpack can handle all the abuse that’s thrown its way. And like the Geolite model, it includes a limited lifetime warranty.

best laptop bags for students

CityGear Laptop Messenger

CityGear® 15-17.3" Laptop Messenger

Available in both small and large models, the CityGear Laptop Messenger is ideal for the student who demands style and security. The built-in Dome Protection System features multiple layers of shock-absorbing material to protect the laptop, tablet, and other devices from damage. The slim, low-profile design makes the bag easy to haul to class and conceal beneath a desk or chair.

Though it takes up little space, the CityGear Laptop Messenger has plenty of room for all the essentials. Zippered mesh pockets allow the student to store a variety of gadgets of peripherals in separate compartments. There are slots for pens, notebooks, and files, and everything is well-protected.

Your comfort is also a top priority. That’s why we designed the CityGear Messenger with padded shoulder straps and even trolley straps for easy attachment on rolled luggage. And once again, a limited lifetime warranty is included.

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