Best Laptop Bags for Men | A Full List of Tips & Recommendations

Best Laptop Bags for Men | A Full List of Tips & Recommendations

Today’s man-about-town is a far cry from the tycoons of the Mad Men era. But while men may no longer stroll Fifth Avenue in fedoras and sharkskin suits, we still demand the finer things in terms of quality, comfort and style. Consider our laptop bags. We need to protect our gear with a bag that looks good and meets some very specific criteria. Here’s a breakdown of the features that define the best laptop bags for men.


Multitasking is the name of the game for today’s guy. We need a laptop bag that’s as flexible and versatile as we are. Ample space is a must, and we need unique compartments for different gadgets. We also need a bag that offers the flexibility to adjust according to our needs.

CityLite Convertible Backpack

Recommendation: The CityLite Convertible Backpack Briefcase.

This one has it all. Detachable shoulder straps and a retractable handle enable you to transform the bag from a backpack to a briefcase in seconds. Zippered compartments allow you to separate and organise your gear and accessories. The multi-fit cradle even ensures a secure hold for your laptop.


No guy wants to lug around a bulky, over-sized bag. The best laptop bags for men are those that make the best use of space, allowing you to travel from the subway to the airport to the overhead compartment and off to the boardroom with little hassle.

Recommendation: The CitySmart 16” Laptop Slipcase.

Don’t let its small size and slim profile fool you. This slipcase is padded for heightened protection and features pocket storage for additional accessories. There’s even a shoulder strap for easy transport.

best laptop bags for men


As guys, we can admit that we tend to be a bit rough on our hardware. We need a laptop bag that can handle the inevitable knocks, bumps and vibrations, not to mention the ever-changing moisture and weather conditions that come along when we’re travelling from place to place.

Urban Commuter

Recommendation: The Urban Commuter 15.6" Laptop Backpack.

This stylish bag is made from water-repellent fabric and features a waterproof base to prevent most moisture penetration. The padded laptop compartment ensures maximum protection for your most valuable hardware, and the adjustable shoulder straps provide additional security by promoting even weight distribution. Best of all, it’s a great-looking bag with plenty of room for all the essentials.


Last, but certainly not least, the best laptop bags for men are all about style. Solid, neutral colours and low-profile designs are among the hallmarks of eye-catching contemporary styles. Blacks and greys are especially complementary of modern men’s fashions.

Recommendation: The Groove X2 Compact Backpack.

With its textured grey design and minimalist configuration, the Groove X2 is sure to turn heads in any environment. But it’s not all about looks. It also offers maximum protection for your laptop via Targus’s Sling Protection technology.

 Recommendation: The

These bags represent just a small sampling of the trendsetting laptop bags in our inventory. If you’re looking for the best laptop bags for men, browse our full inventory today.