Creating the Best Work from Home Setup on a Budget

Creating the Best Work from Home Setup on a Budget

You’re looking forward to working from home this year — perhaps for the first time ever, or for the first time in a long time. But after you’ve landed your remote job, step one in working from home is setting up the perfect workspace for yourself. After all, the better your environment is, the more productive and happier you’ll be every time you log on to your computer.

The question is, how exactly do you create the best setup for working from home when you’re on a budget? Here’s a rundown on the top home office setup ideas for creating an irresistible work from home setup starting today.

Create a Defined Space at Home

This is an important step in creating the ideal work from home setup, particularly if you don’t have a separate room that you can use for your office. For instance, you can use a section of your living room, a tiny closet or your stair landing to create a work from home space. You could also set up an office spot in your basement or attic. Once your space is chosen, you can begin adding office essentials such as your desktop computer, keyboard and mouse to get your workstation started.

If you choose to use part of your living room as your office, consider setting up a screen that will separate it from the rest of the living space. Whatever space you use, make sure that you allot it completely to your remote job. Working professionally is a lot easier when you don’t have to constantly remove toys or mail from the space before you work.

Make Use of Your Current Belongings

This is one of the most expedient home office setup ideas in that it requires you to make no purchases upfront. Simply look around the house for the office items you need.

For instance, maybe a spare room or your attic has lamps and desks that you can take advantage of, or perhaps your guest room may have a chair you can use. Be sure to look through your old school materials, which may include useful notebooks or other supplies which you can use. While going through your belongings, you’re likely to find adapters or other gadgets which may prove useful in your new setup. When your accessories are gathered, look into purchasing a quality USB hub to connect your tech.

Build Your Own Desk at Home

If you can’t seem to find an old desk in your house, consider creating your own. For a temporary makeshift solution, set up two filing cabinets near each other and place a sturdy board across these cabinets to instantly create a homemade desk. As for a longer-term fix, with a bit of woodshop knowledge you may be surprised by how much money can be saved from creating your own desk. Building your own desk adds sentimental value to your workstation and you can create the desk shape that suits your workstyle. Once built, explore our docking stations to see how your devices and monitors can work in tandem.

Innovate Your Workspace With Targus

woman typing on personal laptop

As you explore our tips for creating the best work from home setup on a budget, take some time to consider what devices you should add to your work space. The more your accessories can work with one another, the higher your levels of productivity can soar.

At Targus, we offer a number of devices and protective laptop backpacks designed to make your remote job easier. We also offer a number of tablet cases and accessories such as screen protectors, power adapters, cooling pads and more.

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