Best Laptop Bags for Air Travel

Best Laptop Bags for Air Travel

If you’re planning to hit the open skies this year, the laptop bag you normally take on the road everyday may not be adequate. After all, for air travel you may need a bag that is even more compact and accessible to tote from one destination to the next.

Fortunately, a variety of laptop bags are available specifically for use during air travel. But of course, not all bags for air travel are created equal. Here is a rundown of the best laptop bags for air travel to add to your personal luggage collection today.

Corporate Traveller 15.6” Four-Wheeled Roller

This impressive wheeled roller features a dedicated laptop section that can be removed and converted into a convenient sleeve. The removable sleeve has a convenient handle which can help you easily navigate through the bustle of the airport the next time you travel abroad.

Durable wheels are another major selling point of the Corporate Traveller. These wheels roll in all directions, so when you’re trying to make it to your airport gate on time, the bag’s spinner wheels will glide right along with you. It’s for this reason that this laptop roller is considered to be one of the best laptop bags for air travel.

CityGear 11.6” Slim Topload Case

The next laptop case on our list is another popular selection for air travel due to its versatility. This slim topload case stands out for being lightweight and compact, which means you can easily slip it into your overhead compartment or underneath your seat. At the same time, it is built to protect and secure your laptop throughout years of use.

This bag is the result of more than three decades of research into a bag design that offers superior protection for hardware while also delivering top-level ergonomic protection for your comfort. The great thing about this bag is that it also comes with extra space for any accessories you wish to bring on your trip with you.

Sol-Lite 15.6” Laptop Backpack

This bag is also an excellent choice for air travel because it is lightweight, streamlined, protective and a comfortable carry due to its ergonomic design.

The bag stands out for its dual handle, which allows you to use it as a backpack or duffel bag. In addition, it offers excellent ventilation with a breathable mesh panel in the back area. However, don’t let the free-flowing air fool you though, as this backpack is also made of weather-resistant material for outdoor protection as well.

Tap into the Benefits of Targus Laptop Bags Today

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There’s no better time to explore the best laptop bags for air travel than right now. Fortunately, at Targus, we offer a wide range of bags for air travel that are sure to suit your needs.

In addition to offering the laptop bags we’ve mentioned above, we offer our Mobile ViP 15.6” roller laptop bag for effortless stability and manoeuvrability. Our Targus Rolling Laptop Case is also a popular buy due to its durability and convenience. The great thing is that no matter which bag you choose, it will come with our limited lifetime warranty — a benefit you won’t easily find elsewhere in the tech-protection industry.

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