Best Gifts for Tech Lovers

Best Gifts for Tech Lovers

While tech lovers are known for their vast collection of the latest tech items, even the most advanced digital geeks always have room for more accessories. If you’re looking for gifts that the digitally-inclined in your life will actually enjoy, you’ve come to the right place. At Targus UK, we supply innovative items designed to connect your world. Our products are high-quality and ultra-functional ‒ the perfect gift for any tech-lover. Give a gift that takes technology to the next level. Here are the best gifts for tech lovers at Targus UK.

Laptop Bag

Topping our list of the best gifts for tech geeks is a rugged, durable and well-designed laptop bag. With a Targus laptop bag, you allow the tech lover in your life to take their digital world with them wherever they go. They’ll never have to worry about the safety of their items. Our modern designs ensure that everything has a place, making traveling with your tech an easy decision.

woman outside with laptop backpack

In terms of the best gifts for tech lovers, our CityLite Convertible Backpack/Briefcase is especially appealing. This design easily transfers from your back to your hand, depending on the needs of the situation. While the look is stylish and cool, the design of the bag also provides multiple compartments for a range of tech items. It’s a stellar choice in best gifts for tech lovers because of the slim, minimalistic yet practical design.

Docking Station

Another trending qualifier for the best gifts for tech lovers are docking stations; an often forgotten about, but highly crucial element of a well-connected home office. A docking station allows you to connect multiple accessories within your workspace. Not only does it allow easy use of multiple displays, a docking station also provides efficiency and organisation to your workstation. While it’s a fairly mundane gift to most, the tech geek in your life is sure to appreciate its value.

For a highly functional docking station for the techie in your life, we recommend the Targus USB-C Universal Quad 4K Docking Station with 100W power delivery. This docking station maximises workstation viewing with four DisplayPort or HDMI displays. It reduces clutter and provides multiple connections for important peripherals. In short, this docking station does it all, making it a perfect choice in gifts for tech geeks who want to take their at-home workspace to the next level.

dual monitor desk setup for tech lovers


If a docking station is a little too intense, a USB hub might be the perfect choice for your tech lover. These smaller, streamlined devices contain multiple ports that can connect up to seven devices to your laptop or desktop. These convenient devices are portable, allowing the tech lover in your life to take their many peripherals on the go with ease. Ensuring more connectivity without limiting your workspace to one location, USB hubs are an easy choice in gifts for tech geeks.

For a truly functional USB hub, the Targus USB-C Hub to 3x USB-A Ethernet is our top selection. This device connects up to three USB-A peripherals to your device from a single USB-C. In addition, it offers consistent connection to hardwired Internet through an Ethernet port. Combine that functionality with its small profile and you’ll quickly realise why this item makes our list of the best gifts for tech lovers.

Ready to find the perfect gifts for the computer gurus in your life? Shop Targus UK today for a range of tech-friendly accessories any tech lover will appreciate.