Top College Laptop Backpacks

Top College Laptop Backpacks

The laptop has now become a college necessity. While students used to be able to get away with handwritten notes and library computers, the modern age embraces the use of laptops. Not only do they provide quick note-taking, they also house essential information for papers, study guides and quick communication with professors. With the fast-paced and busy nature of university life, however, students need to be able to transport their laptop around campus without fear. Whether they’re traveling from class to class or packing up their laptop for a long night of studying, college laptop backpacks provide the protection and easy mobility students need.

What backpacks work best for college? Keep reading for our list of the best bags for university students.

CityGear Convertible Backpack/Briefcase

A favorite among our choices for college laptop backpacks, the CityGear Convertible Laptop Backpack combines functionality with professionalism. As the name suggests, this stylish bag switches from a backpack to a briefcase, allowing students to use the bag long after their university days are over. Most importantly, this CityGear backpack features a multi-fit 14-15.6” laptop cradle with shock-absorbing layers to protect and secure your device. The minimalist design appeals to any taste and an additional file section and tablet pocket ensure total organisation for stored items. It’s not only one of the best bags for university students, it’s also an essential bag for working professionals, extending the lifetime of this purchase immensely.

Newport Convertible 2-in-1 Laptop Messenger/Backpack

College laptop backpacks don’t have to be strictly functional. While safe transport of your tech is of paramount importance, the Newport Convertible 2-in-1 Laptop Messenger/Backpack brings a chic look to university life. This stylish bag features a minimalist design that easily converts from a backpack to a messenger bag. A front zipper and covering flap add simple style to the bag, highly elevating its fashion. The bag also features a dedicated protective cradle for a laptop or tablet, quick-access pockets, water-repellant twill nylon and a slim design. When it comes to college laptop backpacks, none bridge the gap between function and style quite like this Newport bag by Targus.

Groove X2 Compact Backpack

For college students who crave a simple, straightforward style, the Groove X2 Compact Backpack is the perfect choice. This backpack features a close-packed design that makes the most of the limited internal space. Inside, you’ll find separate storage spaces for your tech and everyday items, including a laptop cradle with Targus’ Sling Protection™ that suspends your laptop within the bag to prevent damage. A single, large zipper compartment has multiple pockets for storing your school-related accessories, as well as a big space to pack all your books. Its water-repellant, colour-accented exterior appears sleek and modern, effectively hiding the many items stuffed inside. It’s the perfect hybrid between simple and functional for any college student.


Now that you know what to look for in college laptop backpacks, it’s time to start shopping. Browse our collection of laptop bags at Targus UK today to find the one that works for you.