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Designed for the modern multi-device office, the Targus® DEFCON® Ultimate Universal Serialised Multi-head Converter Combination Lock with Adaptable Slimline Lock Head allows you to add and upgrade any existing cable lock into a dual or even multi-head lock in order to neatly secure multiple devices without the clutter of cables.

Targus®'s unique adaptable lock head are designed to fit virtually any lock slot including Kensington T-Lock®, Nano® & Noble Wedgelock® at a twist of a dial. The easy-to-use design has a cut-proof and rust-resistant 30 cm (12 inch). galvanised steel and sleeved cable with pass-through loop and rotating lock head. Nearly impossible to destruct, any attempt to remove the lock will noticeably damage the device - a further deterrent to thieves looking to preserve resale value.

Offering freedom from key-carrying, each lock is assigned a unique combination and serial number. This sturdy lock is as convenient as it is strong, making it an ideal choice for the office, school, hotels, or other high-risk areas. Rest easy with robust protection for your laptop today. Rest assured that it will be compatible with the one you get tomorrow.

No Master Key Required

No Master Key Required

Gone are the days of losing a lock key in the desk drawer. This serialised lock is equipped with a 4-digit turn-style code that supports 10,000 unique combinations.

360 Degree Lock Head Rotation

The rotating lock head allows the lock to turn easily while still secured within the lock slot. This makes for effortless device locking and unlocking.

360 Degree Lock Head Rotation
Flexible and Cut-Resistant

Flexible and Cut-Resistant

Set in 12 inches of galvanised and sleeved steel, the cables on the DEFCON™ Ultimate Universal Lock are a cut-proof theft deterrent.

One Size Fits Most

With a unique design for a secured, universal fit, we’ve eliminated the need for interchangeable heads, which means there aren’t heads to lose or replace. This lock fits virtually any lock slot, including Kensington® Nano, Kensington K-Slot, and the oversized Noble wedge-shaped lock slots.

One Size Fits Most
  • Works With
    Devices compatible with Kensington® Nano, Kensington® T-Bar™ and Noble® WEDGELOCK® lock slots
  • Colour
  • Material
    Galvanised Steel
  • Lock Slot Compatibility
    Kensington® Nano, Kensington® T-Bar™ and Noble® WEDGELOCK®
  • Lock Type
  • Weight
    0.15 kg (each)
  • Dimensions
    3.4 x 4.8 x 1.8cm
  • Warranty
    Limited 2-Year Warranty
  • EAN
  • Country of Origin
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