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Transform your meeting room or huddle space into a conference room with the Targus® All-in-One 4K Video Conference System. Merging three necessities for a collaborative workspace virtually anywhere with anyone - a webcam, a speaker, and a microphone - the Video Conference System offers clear video and clear sound in the ultimate conferencing solution for small- to mid-sized meeting rooms.

Ensuring each collaborator is seen and heard, this all-in-one has a 4K Ultra HD webcam with 120° wide-angle lens, integrated 6-piece microphone, and dual speakers. Its Low Illumination 8.5MP sensor will capture a clear image of the room while its 5X digital zoom supports electronic PTZ to focus on the speaker. It has a foldable, anti-slip rubber base for placement on top of a monitor or on any flat surface, but can also be mounted to any wall for optimal use. Wherever it’s placed, the microphones can pick up audio from 20 feet (6 metres) away and its speakers are optimised at the 200–16,000 Hz frequency range to provide clear speech and sound as though you’re all in the same room.

And you don’t need to worry about installing drivers to operate or waste valuable meeting time connecting and disconnecting to the unit - the Video Conference System simply connects to your laptop or mobile device via 2M USB-A cable. Designed with ease in more ways than one, this system was created with the customer in mind to easily make every collaborative workspace conference-capable without sacrificing quality. The Targus® All-in-One Conference Video Conference System is all you need to keep your team connected and improve the conference room experience.

Clear Video

Clear Video

Equipped with 4K Ultra HD and a 1/2.8-inch Low Illumination 8.5MP sensor, the webcam’s ultra-wide lens will capture the entirety of most meeting rooms with a 120° field of view and produce a clear image in various lighting environments. At 30 FPS, this cam provides sufficient resolution and smoothness for 5X digital zoom and PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) to focus on the presenter.

Clear Sound and Voice

With its integrated 6-microphone array, the soundbar provides coverage up to 20 feet (6 metres) away and can pick up audio from a 180° sweep. Dual speakers provide clear sound for a small- to medium-sized meeting or huddle room. Speakers and microphones are optimised at a 200–16,000 Hz frequency range to provide clear speech and to capture all the details from the speaker, making conversation more natural and easier to hear.

Clear Sound and Voice
Connectivity Made Simple

Connectivity Made Simple

Most conference rooms support screen sharing connectivity using an HDMI cable, though today’s mobile products no longer use HDMI. Installation is easy and requires no drivers to function, connecting directly to your laptop or mobile device via USB-A. The AEM350EUZ is compatible with Windows,® macOS®, and Chrome OS®, and most major conference platforms like Zoom® and Microsoft Teams®.

Properly Positioned

Made to integrate in nearly any room setup, the soundbar can be easily wall mounted (mounting bracket included), sit firmly on any surface thanks to its anti-slip rubber base, or can be seamlessly placed on a display. Once positioned, tilt the base or camera to score the perfect angle.

Properly Positioned
  • Full Specification
  • Works With
    Windows®, macOS®, Chrome OS™
  • Colour
  • Plug
  • Resolution
    4K Ultra HD
  • Microphone
    6-Microphone Array
  • Dimensions
    35.1 x 8 x 12.2 cm
  • Weight
    1.29 kg
  • Warranty
    Limited 1-Year Warranty
  • EAN
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