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Why office hygiene is vital for flexible workers

October 13, 21
Why office hygiene is vital for flexible workers

Over the last 18 months, we’ve all seen just how important office hygiene is. It’s something many of us never think about - and often our offices are cleaned for us. But when it comes to working from home, or a mixture of the two, keeping your employees’ spaces in top shape is vital.

Office hygiene is especially important for flexible workers. Different sets of germs can be brought into the office from home or their commute. And vice versa. As employers we have a responsibility to our teams, especially families looking after ill or elderly people.

A Targus study showed most European offices still aren’t ready for hybrid working. This includes providing staff with the right technology and accessories to keep up, educating staff on hygiene and ways of working, and providing teams with the budgets they need to set up their home working spaces.

The hybrid between office and working from home looks like it’s here to stay. So it’s important we keep up, help our teams stay on top of it and create a comfortable working environment, whether that’s at home or in the office. As employers we have a responsibility to keep our staff safe, and provide the best environment.

Here are some of our top tips for keeping your team safe and healthy in a mobile world.


Make it part of the routine 

Cleaning your desk and technology every morning can be a great way to introduce some routine into the beginning of the day. It prevents bacteria from building up, and sitting down at a clean and tidy workspace each day can help with mental health and clarity.

Many find it difficult to switch between different workspaces. So cleaning a workspace as part of a morning routine can also help signal the start of the workday - wherever they are. We all have difficulties switching off when working from home, and little routines like this are a great way to get around that.


Invest in the right tech

It can be hard to fit keeping workspaces and equipment clean around a busy schedule. You can cheat a little by buying products that do all of the hard work for you. Invest in technology like an antimicrobial mouse or antimicrobial keyboard, which are infused with DefenseGuard™ Antimicrobial Protection to eliminate and prevent the growth of bacteria. Hands are the main source of bacteria, whether we know it or not, so using a mouse or keyboard with this technology is a great way to prevent the spread of germs.


Get some fresh air

Fresh air is fantastic for mental health, clarity and productivity. A study by Environmental Health Perspectives showed that fresh air improved cognitive test performances by 61%.

Fresh air also helps you to keep those germs away. The British Lung Foundation found that indoor air pollution like dust, dirt, or gases has been linked to lung diseases like asthma, COPD and lung cancer. Encouraging your team to open the window for just 30 minutes every morning, or during that afternoon slump, is a great way to re-energise and clear away any indoor pollution.


Don’t just think about the office

Travelling between home and the office is a huge source of germs. You can take responsibility as an employer at the office, but you can never be sure if your employees are bringing germs of their own into the workspace.

Investing in antimicrobial technology isn’t just for a mouse or keyboard. Using an antimicrobial backpack can make that journey to and from the office more comfortable, as well as a lot safer. 


Take breaks

Eating at your desk is bad for your mental health, and it’s also bad for your office hygiene. Make sure you separate where your team works from where they eat. This will stop food germs and bacteria we can’t see from landing on surfaces, as well as keeping your team’s minds clear and refreshed, ready to get back to work.

Flexible working is here to stay. And it’s important that technology and businesses evolve and adapt in order to keep up with it. As employers we have a responsibility to keep our workers safe - and ensure they have the best environment possible to do their jobs well.

Want to find out more about the technology you can use to keep your office and employees clean, safe and comfortable? Fill in the form below and speak to Targus.

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