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What Is a Laptop Docking Station?

September 23, 20
What Is a Laptop Docking Station?

Modern connectivity has created new ways to create and inspire, and today’s workstation is no longer limited to the home office. The laptop has become the bridge between the home workstation and office, and the laptop docking station gives it a renewed flexibility when it comes to working with auxiliary monitors, devices, and storage hardware.

What Is a Laptop Docking Station?

In short, a docking station gives your laptop the connectivity of a desktop without sacrificing portability. Docking stations allow the user to easily connect and access data on external hard drives with easy access ports, plug-and-play access to HD media, and even ergonomic external keyboards and touchpads.

Functionality and Productivity

Docking stations can improve productivity, decrease cord clutter, and spare wear and tear on USB and Thunderbolt ports and cooling systems for your laptop. But how does a docking station work? Most often, docking stations connect to your laptop via a USB-C or USB 3.0 cable, with an internally connected or Thunderbolt connection on the receiving end.

Docking stations come in many shapes and forms, but most models fall under one of the following:

  • A “dongle” style docking station, with an internally wired USB connection cable and ports for multiple devices
  • A powered station, which draws from a dedicated power source (thus sparing the power draw from your laptop’s battery) and offers multiple ports for specific devices
  • A display port docking station, suited for the specific wattage needs of high-resolution monitors

Targus Universal USB-A 3.0 DV4K Docking Station


Single video docking stations, or “dongles” are unparalleled in their accessibility. Lightweight and hosting ports for HDMI cables, SD Cards, ethernet, and VGA connections, these types of docking stations are perfect for setting up a semi-permanent workstation on the road or quickly connecting to your auxiliary devices at home. Portable docking stations can be subject to overheating and overdrawing USB power, so choosing a design with high ratings from a proven tech solution provider is absolutely essential.


What is a laptop docking station with a dedicated power supply best for? Powered stations are great for attaching accessories like high-speed external hard drives and HD monitors, to avoid drawing power directly from the laptop USB connection. With a powered drive, the connection point can be devoted to transferring data – meaning better, faster performance. Powered laptop docking stations are perfect for graphic design, data processing, and any transfers of files that put undue stress on your data ports.

Targus Ergo D-Pro Laptop Stand for Docking Station


How does a docking station work for stock traders as well as for video computer graphics experts? Having a key connector for multiple monitors means fewer cables and clutter, and docking stations designed for 4K monitors allow an instant connection from your laptop to your workspace for trading consoles, video editing, and more.

Ultimately, what a laptop docking station offers is versatility, performance, and endless usability. Explore our full selection of docking stations and docking accessories at Targus.

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