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How Docking Stations Can Boost Your Productivity

August 10, 20
How Docking Stations Can Boost Your Productivity

Mobile workplaces: not all of them are created equal. In fact, while the devil is often in the details – details like peripheral devices, accessories, and data storage – connectivity is the name of the game when it comes to keeping your remote workstation productive. With a universal laptop docking station, all of those devices can connect easily, with a single thunderbolt or USB connection. That eliminates the need to ration out ports or sort through various wires when it's time to link up with the home-base hard drive. 

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Spare Wires, Spare Moments

Studies show that remote work can actually increase productivity, but there’s one catch: dull tasks (i.e., setting up and organising peripherals) are the moments where productivity escapes – a death of efficiency by a thousand cuts. In any home office or professional workspace, utilising technology for productivity is only effective when the maintenance and set-up are intuitive. Docking stations can be well suited to streamline your workstation if you’re:

  • Using external hard drives: for data storage and backup, especially for large files, native storage is usually quickly filled. Rapidly connecting and disconnecting your storage is easier on multiple drives when you can do it via a single wire.
  • Connecting to an auxiliary tablet or GPU: Working with heavy graphics, or with devices like graphics processing units? Don’t hinder your workflow with constant connection and disconnection; link up once and work until you're ready to hit the road.
  • Toggling between workstations: Using a laptop as your main computer offers tremendous adaptability and mobility – while often sacrificing computing power and storage. Using a universal laptop docking station means that you can link to all of your accessories, regardless of where you’re located.
  • Accessing multiple displays: Working with large data sets, be they audio, video, graphs, or presentations, can require access to multiple monitors at once. For video editors and coders working at high levels, multiple displays are a must – but for any professional workstation, this creates a simple way to oversee multiple aspects of a project at once. A docking station easily transforms your laptop to a dual or tri-monitor setup, making this privileged purview accessible without the hassle of a tangle of wires.A multi-monitor setup for a computer coder

A strong telework flow is predicated on good habits; most experts agree that a dedicated workspace and intentional schedule, boosted by the right equipment, can offset the sunk time that often accompanies working from home. Incorporating tech solutions that match the same specific implementation of technology for productivity as an orthodox workspace can be the best way not only to streamline your space but also to optimise your mindset.

Seamless and Streamlined

Building a seamless remote-to-desktop workstation is simple, as long as you have the right gear. With Targus’s track record of powerful, high-quality equipment, you can rely on a universal laptop docking station to keep you linked up, use after use, to be sure that your energy is well applied and your data easy to access. Reimagine your workstation, and discover the adaptable docking stations from Targus, with options available to optimise power, minimise clutter, quickly access dual screens, or for any other auxiliary tech needs.

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