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Commuter Essentials to Increase Productivity

October 10, 19
Commuter Essentials to Increase Productivity

A full-time worker’s commute is likely their least favorite part of the day. Whether it’s sitting in traffic, waiting in long queues, or standing on a crowded train, your commute can suck away vital motivation to have a productive day. Not only do you have to deal with the negatives associated with getting to work and coming home, but you also have to cart around all your work essentials while you do it.

While your commute time may stay the same, you can at least make the most of your travel to and from work by investing in a few gadgets for productivity. These commuter essentials can improve workflow on your journey and increase your efficiency once you arrive at your destination.

Laptop Backpack

An easy-to-use laptop backpack is a must-have commuter essential. These bags feature specific storage compartments that keep your laptop safe and your smaller devices protected on your journey. In addition, a laptop backpack offers easy access to your laptop once you arrive at the office, eliminating the need to waste valuable work time sifting through your bag. The CityLite Collection is a standout choice in commuter essentials. Some of these sleek bags even transition easily from backpack to briefcase, allowing you to transform from morning commuter to working professional.

men with commuter essential on train tracks

A Laptop Sleeve

Commuter essentials largely revolve around keeping your devices safe and organised. When you’re jostling your personal tech around on your morning commute, you can never have too much protection. A laptop sleeve adds an extra layer of safety to your device, ensuring it can make the journey with you day after day without damage. While it only loosely falls under the realm of gadgets for productivity, a laptop sleeve ensures that your computer avoids potential damage that could easily interfere with the progress of your workday.

Privacy Screens

If you’re not driving into work, it’s possible to get a bit of work done on your actual commute. You can step into the office with essential tasks already completed – a massive boost to your productivity. However, you don’t want everyone on the train or bus looking over your shoulder. Privacy screens are surprising commuter essentials; they keep your information for your eyes only, eliminating any stress that comes with working on your commute. You can see your laptop, but no one else can, allowing you to get work done without worrying about the people around you.

A Docking Station

If you really want to increase your productivity, why not cut out your commute altogether? If you’re lucky enough to work in a remote-friendly space, take advantage of the offer to work comfortably from your own home. With a docking station you can create the workstation of your dreams without having to leave the house. Connect all of your accessories and peripherals in one location to create a workspace that encourages you to get things done. Plus, a docking station allows you to commit the time you usually spend on your commute to work, increasing your productivity tremendously.

Morning commuter standing in from of moving train

If you want to invest in these or any more gadgets for productivity, shop our tech-friendly offerings at Targus UK.

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