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Work Reimagined

Human needs have changed, working and living under lockdown we have adapted our way of life to protect each other. As we move forward, we need solutions for challenges at home, in our workplaces and on the move. 

Organisations must put their employee wellbeing first: delivering peace of mind during the office commute and creating demonstrably safe and comfortable workspaces where people want to come and quietly work, meet up or collaborate. 

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Protection is at the heart of everything Targus does. As people start returning to shared workspaces, we’re transforming the safety of hybrid working by introducing a new standard in clean, a product portfolio offering 3 levels of clean protection, barrier protection, integrated protection and active protection.   

With hybrid working we’re likely to be carrying more tech and accessories, particularly high-touch peripherals like keyboards and mice. Targus’ DefenseGuard™ Accessories with integrated Antimicrobial Protection are designed to prevent and eliminate the growth of bacteria. It delivers a durable, cleaner surface. Proven to protect bags, cases, keyboard and mice against germs it won’t wear off or wash off, it is designed for life.  


71% of European office workers would consider taking or staying at a job with a longer commute if they did not need to work in the office every day.


Extending your laptop view onto 2 external screens can give you back 1.5 to 3 hours a day - that’s 35% more productive.


Flexible working is here to stay, with 41% of people noticing a positive impact on their
physical and mental wellbeing in the last year.



Build Your Workspace

USB-C Dual HDMI 4K Docking Station with 100W PD Pass-Thru
Turn your laptop into a dual video workstation with the compact USB-C Alt. Mode Dual HDMI 4K Docking Station with 100W PD Pass-Thru.

Bluetooth® Mouse
Navigate, point, and click with the Bluetooth® Mouse. You’ll have one less cord on your desk and free up a USB port for charging your phone or adding a peripheral. The mouse easily glides along with your movements thanks to its 1,600 DPI optical sensor.

Compact Wired Multimedia Qwerty Keyboard
The Compact USB Keyboard from Targus comes with standard-size keycaps but without the numeric keypad. Built-in multimedia keys to enhance productivity.

Cypress 15.6” Sleeve with EcoSmart®
Made from recyclable materials on the inside and out. Using fabric woven from 5 recycled plastic water bottles, the 15.6” Cypress Sleeve with EcoSmart® is thoughtfully designed to protect your laptop while also protecting the environment.

Antimicrobial Universal Midsize Bluetooth Keyboard
Targus® Universal Bluetooth® UK-layout Keyboard infused with Antimicrobial Protection. Offering universal compatibility, it pairs and stores up to 3 devices in its memory.

Antimicrobial Ergo Wireless Mouse
Targus® Ergo Wireless Mouse infused with Antimicrobial Protection helps to reduce wrist strain with a comfortable ergo design, whilst delivering remarkable tracking on virtually any surface.

USB-C™ Universal Quad 4K (QV4K) Docking Station with 100W Power Delivery
Boost productivity and performance with the world’s first enterprise-class universal docking station to deliver four 4K extended displays.

Numeric Keypad
The Targus Numeric Keypad allows users to type numbers into spreadsheets and other applications quickly and easily.


Antimicrobial Ergo Wireless Mouse
Targus® Ergo Wireless Mouse infused with Antimicrobial Protection helps to reduce wrist strain with a comfortable ergo design, whilst delivering remarkable tracking on virtually any surface* including wood, granite, and carpet.

Antimicrobial Folding Ergo Keyboard
Targus Folding Ergo US-layout Keyboard infused with antimicrobial protection. An ergonomic pocket-sized keyboard, offering universal compatibility, it pairs and stores up to three devices in its memory. With a battery life of 36 hours you can type and create in comfort, wherever you are.

Antimicrobial 2Office Backpack
Targus 2Office Backpack infused with antimicrobial protection will carry and protect you and your work essentials on the move. The modular design unzips like a clamshell to reveal smart storage and organisation pockets. 2Office backpack helps you carry more, worry less.


Why Targus?

Employers have a duty of care to their staff, and while people have been expected to work remotely and maintain their levels of productivity, equipment is key. 28% of people in the EMEA region say that their employer has NOT ensured that they have the correct work equipment and set-up for working remotely. 

Targus is synonymous with quality, durability and functionality. We believe our DefenseGuard™ Antimicrobial Protection offering is unique, no other brand is offering antimicrobial protection cross category. No matter if you are at home, in the office or on the move, we have antimicrobial protection built-in across bags, tablet cases, mice, keyboards and more.  


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