USB-C Multiplexer Adapter - Black

Instantly Connect Your Docks to USB-C Devices
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  • Supports USB-C laptops
  • Compact size makes it easy to take with you
  • Includes USB-A and 3-pin DC power ports; outputs USB-C
  • Provides up to 60W of power and charging for USB-C devices that accept charging via the USB-C port
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The Targus USB-C Multiplexer Adapter makes your Targus powered docks USB-C-friendly, so that they support legacy laptops and USB-C devices with the USB-C technology (also known as USB Type-C). Made exclusively for the Targus Universal USB 3.0 Docking Station with Power (DOCK171USZ) and the Targus Universal USB DV4K Docking Station with Power (DOCK177USZ), the adapter allows full support through your laptop refresh cycle.

The two ports, USB-A and 3-pin DC power, output USB-C so that you can charge up your device, plug into Gigabit Ethernet, sync data, and get the HD video and graphics you expect from the DOCK171USZ and DOCK177USZ.


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