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6 Best Laptop Bags for Business Travel

Traveling for work can be tough, but with the right laptop bag, Targus can make one aspect of your journey just a little bit easier. Our team thou...

Best Laptop Bags for Men | A Full List of Tips & Recommendations

Today’s man-about-town is a far cry from the tycoons of the Mad Men era. But while men may no longer stroll Fifth Avenue in fedoras and sharkskin ...

The Best Laptop Bags for Students | Start the School Year Off Right

It wasn’t so long ago that all school bags looked pretty much the same: a thin, neutral-coloured backpack with a few zippers and one to two compar...

PXE Boot or Pre-Boot Targus UDS GbE Support

PXE Boot or Pre-Boot Targus UDS GbE Support.

How Long Do Mobile Phone Batteries Last?

How long do mobile phone batteries last? That depends not just on your phone, but how you use it as well. Read our guide and learn more about your device.

Would USB by Any Other Name Still Smell as Sweet?

The USB Promoter Group Announced USB4 Specification this week and our Targus DocKtor broke down his understanding. 

The Optimum Work from Home Set-Up

Create the best home office desk to make your work from home life seamless. These home office ideas will assist you in making sure you have everything you need to be a more productive you.

Lea Baltzinger: Zealous Advocate of The Targus Team

From growing up in a small town in France to travelling abroad in the pursuit for higher education, grasp how Lea developed her passion for HR, copes with a dynamic environment, and successfully manages her ever-changing role at Targus.

Ron DeCamp: The Technological Maverick of Targus Talks CES 2019

Technology is ever-changing, and Targus is pushing the boundaries even further with innovative, first of its kind tech. Ron DeCamp, the Vice President of Global Product Management and Development at Targus, recently provided a glimpse at what he and his team have been working on and what to expect at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
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