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Best Laptop Bags for Air Travel

If you’re planning to hit the open skies this year, the laptop bag you normally take on the road everyday may not be adequate. After all, for air t...

Understanding Different Types of USB Ports

When it comes to connecting a variety of modern devices, you’ll most likely be using a Universal Serial Bus (USB). However, don’t be fooled by the ...

Top Business Travel Backpack Collections

If you’re a frequent traveller or someone that has a long commute to work, Targus UK is here to help you simplify your life with our picks of the t...

Best Computer Accessories for Extending Product Life

Whether you’re concerned about the safety of your smartphone for work or you want to ensure your home laptop lasts as long as possible, Targus UK h...

5 Laptop Gadgets That Add Incredible Features

Whether you’re on the clock or heading out for some leisure time, Targus UK has curated a collection of some of the coolest laptop gadgets that pro...

Improving Workflow With Tech Accessories

The journey to improve your workflow can take many paths. While sometimes raising your productivity involves the systems you use or the processes you follow, your actual workspace can also have a profound impact on your workflow.

Top College Laptop Backpacks

The laptop has now become a college necessity. While students used to be able to get away with handwritten notes and library computers, the modern age embraces the use of laptops. Not only do they provide quick note-taking, they also house essential information for papers, study guides and quick communication with professors.

Best Gifts for Tech Lovers

While tech lovers are known for their vast collection of the latest tech items, even the most advanced digital geeks always have room for more accessories. If you’re looking for gifts that the digitally-inclined in your life will actually enjoy, you’ve come to the right place. At Targus UK, we supply innovative items designed to connect your world.

How Docking Stations for Laptops Improve Efficiency

Laptops are praised for their mobility and ease of use. However, a single screen doesn’t often make for a functional workspace. Remote work, group ...
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